Preparing for Alpha Launch Pt II (Day 80)

This episode we’re trying to close all of the issues before the alpha launch. The list is getting smaller. I don’t think we’ll finish on this episode, but we might be able to get pretty close. I was hoping to make this episode about contributing to the Unlock Protocol WordPress plugin– but I’ve run into … Continued

Preparing for Alpha Launch Pt I (Day 79)

Last episode we went over how to do user testing for our upcoming alpha launch of v.0.0.10. I haven’t set a hard date, because it’s going to be a very soft launch. I will probably release it the first week of February, but I’m willing to delay if needed. This will be an ongoing series … Continued

We got the grant from Unlock Protocol! (Day 78)

I’m stoked to announce that we received a grant from Unlock Protocol! A crypto grant to be exact, this is new! How it works, is that Unlock Protocol has their own cryptocurrency called UDT. The grant is deposited once per month over 12 months. Once we have shipped the product integrated with Unlock, we will … Continued

Unlock Protocol and Metamask (Day 77)

Last stream (Day 76) was a bit rocky. I wanted to see how hard it was to get started from scratch. Installing the plugin and integrating it to the website was easy. The harder part was creating a lock, because I had never used Metamask before. The hardest part can be getting ETH, Matic, or … Continued

The Loop and Progress Update (Day 75)

Yesterday’s stream was kind of a flop. My macbook was having some power issues, so it kept shutting down. It was a success, in that it got me closer to getting back into flow state while streaming. Which can be surprisingly difficult when you’re a bit rusty. Today I’m going to keep it shorter and … Continued

2021 Review + Building Patreon for Web3 (Day 74)

The fact that I’m itching just start working makes me want to take a pause. Because that’s what I would have done last year. I love working. I can just jump right in. But last year, I’m not sure that I really took the time to set any meaningful goals other than to just do … Continued

Update: v.0.10 – Patreon for Web3 (Day 73)

Script for live stream day 72: The MVP v.0.8 – Education in the Metaverse Getting opportunity to pitch JCal. Elon musk cutting off my pitch. Play video, scrub through some parts maybe (rehearse this before streaming) Getting ghosted. The baby Maybe a couple pictures or videos from IG + FB? The MVP v0.10 – Patreon … Continued

Day 72: Polishing v0.0.8 Pt III

Continuing where we left off yesterday, we’re finalizing v0.0.8 of Bonsai. This version will be what I consider the first MVP. I mean, technically speaking, Bonsai was an MVP since day one. But this will be the first version I’m proud enough of to promote– or at least not ashamed of. I think it was … Continued

Day 72: Polishing v0.0.8 Pt II

I’m getting ready to roll out version 0.0.8 of Bonsai. It’s a laundry list of things to get it up and running as a fully functional prototype. Yesterday we made compatible with Bonsai’s dark mode settings. This new version of Bonsai represents a big step. I think the biggest upgrade is that Bonsai now … Continued

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