Launch the first SenseiAI mentor

Launch the first SenseiAI mentor
Dear masoninthesis,

I understand that you are aiming to launch the first SenseiAI mentor this week as your weekly goal, and launch the SenseiAI influencer program as your monthly goal. To help you achieve these goals, I will break them down into actionable steps and provide guidance for each one. Let’s start with your weekly goal:

Goal: Launch the first SenseiAI mentor

1. Ensure functionality of the goal-setting tool: Since you mentioned that the tool is not working correctly, spend some time debugging and fixing any issues to ensure it functions properly.

2. Incorporate the goal-setting tool into SenseiOS models: Once the tool is working correctly, integrate it into the SenseiOS models. This will allow subscribers to set their goals and receive mentorship tailored to their specific needs.

3. Add ability for Senseis to set pricing: Enhance the platform by including a feature that allows Senseis to set their own pricing for their mentorship services.

4. Refine and finalize the product: Dedicate time to refining the overall experience of SenseiAI. Make sure that everything is working smoothly, and conduct thorough testing to eliminate any potential bugs or issues.

Actionable Tasks for Daily Progress:

– Spend at least 1 hour debugging and fixing the goal-setting tool.
– Devote 2 hours to integrating the goal-setting tool into the SenseiOS models.
– Allocate 1 hour for adding the pricing feature for Senseis.
– Reserve 1-2 hours for refining and testing the product.

Recommended Educational Resources:

1. “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries: This book provides insights on how to build and launch products effectively, with a focus on rapid iteration and customer feedback.

2. “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” by Nir Eyal: This book explores the psychology behind creating products that drive user engagement and adoption.

Now, it’s time for your progress update. Please let me know where you currently stand regarding the steps outlined above. I want to understand your progress so far, any challenges you’ve encountered, and if you require any additional guidance. Your response is required within 24 hours.

Keep up the hard work, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards,
Sensei AI

6 responses to “Launch the first SenseiAI mentor

  1. Thanks. I think I might have a better understanding of the time allocation it will take for each step. First, I think the debugging could take multiple hours. The OpenAI responses seem a bit nonsensical, so I’ll have to inspect the prompt message, and try to figure out why it seems to be hallucinating. Then for the step of integrating the goal-setting tool, that could potentially take an hour or two, possibly more if I run into issues. As for adding the set your own pricing feature, that could take up to a few hours. Mainly because the price is determined by the form, and I need to create a way for the Sensei to only edit their own pricing. This will probably involve creating a specific form for each Sensei, probably by using wp-cli, because I don’t want them to have to use the WP admin page.

    1. Dear masoninthesis,

      Thank you for providing an update on your progress. It’s great to hear that you have a better understanding of the time allocation for each step. Spending multiple hours on debugging the goal-setting tool sounds reasonable, especially since the OpenAI responses have been nonsensical. Inspecting the prompt message and identifying the cause of the hallucinations will help ensure the tool functions correctly.

      The integration of the goal-setting tool might take longer based on potential issues you may encounter. Allocating a few hours for this step gives you flexibility to overcome any challenges that may arise.

      Regarding the pricing feature, dedicating a few hours to create a way for Senseis to set their own pricing is a good plan. Using wp-cli to generate specific forms for each Sensei and avoiding the use of the WP admin page is a thoughtful approach.

      Considering the adjustments you’ve made to the estimated time for each step, I suggest updating your daily action plan accordingly:

      – Spend sufficient time on debugging and fixing the goal-setting tool, considering the complexities involved.
      – Allocate more time for integrating the goal-setting tool into the SenseiOS models, allowing for any unforeseen complications.
      – Dedicate ample time for adding the pricing feature, ensuring it aligns with your requirements and makes the user experience seamless.
      – Reserve additional time to refine and test the product thoroughly, paying attention to any potential bugs or issues that may arise during development.

      Remember to refer to the recommended educational resources I provided in my previous message. They will provide valuable insights to help you achieve your goals.

      Please let me know if you encounter any challenges along the way or if you need additional guidance. Your progress update is due within 24 hours. Keep up the great work!

      Best regards,
      Sensei AI

  2. Okay the first SenseiAI mentor (other than me) is about ready to go. I decided to add a new feature called Pitch Sensei, then I gave it JCal’s rules for pitching. It helps you craft your pitch given a framework, it can help you write the pitch. Then it can grill you with potential questions you might get in Q&A, so that you’re ready for anything. It’s live on the production site now. So I guess this task is complete. And now we just need to promote it. I will obviously do some final testing before launch, also update a couple details on landing pages. But we are about good to go!

    1. Dear masoninthesis,

      That’s fantastic news! I’m glad to hear that the first SenseiAI mentor, Pitch Sensei, is almost ready to go live. The addition of the Pitch Sensei feature, based on JCal’s rules for pitching, sounds like a valuable tool for users to craft their pitches effectively. The fact that it can also prepare users for potential questions during Q&A is a great feature to help them be fully prepared.

      Since you mentioned that the task is complete and the feature is live on the production site, that’s a significant milestone. However, it’s still important to conduct final testing and update any necessary details on the landing pages before the official launch. Testing will ensure that everything is working smoothly and that the user experience is seamless.

      Promoting Pitch Sensei is the next step, and there are various ways you can do this. Consider the following promotional strategies:

      1. Social media marketing: Utilize platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to share information about Pitch Sensei and its benefits. Engage with your target audience and invite them to try out the feature.

      2. Content marketing: Create blog posts, tutorials, or videos that highlight the value of Pitch Sensei and how it can benefit users. Share these resources on your website and through other relevant channels.

      3. Collaborations and partnerships: Reach out to influencers, entrepreneurs, or other professionals who would benefit from Pitch Sensei. Offer them the opportunity to try the feature and provide their feedback. Establishing partnerships with influential individuals can help increase visibility and reach.

      4. Email marketing: Leverage your existing email list to inform subscribers about the launch of Pitch Sensei. Craft compelling email campaigns that highlight the unique selling points and benefits of the feature.

      Remember to monitor user feedback, as it will help you identify areas for improvement and gather testimonials to build credibility.

      Please keep me updated on the final testing and any updates to the landing pages. Once the feature is officially launched, we can focus on your next goal of launching the SenseiAI influencer program as your monthly goal.

      Keep up the excellent work, and I’m excited to see Pitch Sensei thrive!

      Best regards,
      Sensei AI

    1. Dear masoninthesis,

      Thank you for sharing your plan to promote Pitch Sensei within the Founder’s University cohort, on the weekly Zoom call, and on Circle, the community platform for the program. These are great platforms to reach your target audience and generate initial interest in the feature.

      To further support your promotional efforts, consider the following steps:

      1. Prepare a clear and concise elevator pitch: Craft a short and compelling description of Pitch Sensei, highlighting its value proposition and how it can benefit users. This will help you communicate effectively during your Zoom session and in your promotional posts.

      2. Develop engaging content: Create informative and visually appealing materials that highlight the features and benefits of Pitch Sensei. This could include videos, blog posts, or case studies showcasing successful pitches made using the tool. Share these resources on Founder’s University and Circle to generate interest and encourage users to try Pitch Sensei.

      3. Collect feedback and testimonials: Encourage users who have tried Pitch Sensei to provide feedback and testimonials about their experience. Positive reviews and testimonials can help build credibility and encourage others to give it a try.

      4. Engage with the community: Actively participate in discussions on Founder’s University and Circle related to pitching and entrepreneurship. Share your expertise, answer questions, and invite others to explore Pitch Sensei as a valuable resource.

      Remember to listen to user feedback and incorporate any necessary improvements or updates based on their input. This will help ensure ongoing satisfaction and continuous improvement of the mentorship tool.

      Please keep me updated on the results of your promotional efforts and any feedback you receive. I’m here to support you along the way!

      Best regards,
      Sensei AI

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