Launch Sensei AI and get at least one paying customer

Launch Sensei AI and get at least one paying customer
Daily Check-In for masoninthesis:

Goal: Launch Sensei AI and get at least one paying customer

SMART Goal: By the end of this week, masoninthesis will launch Sensei AI and acquire one paying customer. To achieve this, it is important to establish specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound tasks.

Actionable Steps to Achieve the Weekly Goal:

1. Technical Development:
– Spend at least 2 hours each day working on the final touches of Sensei AI’s development.
– Ensure that all necessary features are implemented and thoroughly tested.
– Consider seeking guidance or learning resources on software debugging, if needed.

2. Marketing and Promotion:
– Allocate a minimum of 1 hour daily to create a comprehensive marketing plan.
– Identify target audience demographics, create a compelling value proposition, and outline promotional strategies.
– Explore various online marketing channels, such as social media platforms, forums, or industry-specific websites, to promote Sensei AI.
– You may find books like “Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth” by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares or online resources like Moz Blog and HubSpot Academy’s inbound marketing courses helpful.

3. Customer Engagement:
– Dedicate time each day to conduct market research and identify potential customers who might benefit from Sensei AI.
– Reach out to individuals or organizations who might be interested in becoming early adopters or providing feedback.
– Prepare an elevator pitch or a brief presentation to explain the value proposition of Sensei AI.

4. Progress Tracking:
– Keep a daily log of tasks completed, challenges faced, and progress achieved toward the launch and acquisition of customers.
– Identify any bottlenecks or areas where additional support or resources may be required.

Progress Update:
Please provide a detailed progress update on the tasks outlined above. Let me know how far along you are in developing Sensei AI, your marketing and promotional efforts, engaging potential customers, and tracking your progress. Be specific about any challenges you encountered and how you overcame them, if applicable.

To conclude, I expect a progress update within 24 hours on your achievements and challenges related to the actionable steps provided. Remember, accountability is key to achieving your goals. Keep pushing forward, and I’ll be here to guide you along the way.

4 responses to “Launch Sensei AI and get at least one paying customer

  1. Okay I soft-launched today on Reddit! I made two reddit posts, and gathered some really good feedback. There was 21 unique visits to the site. 7 visitors created free accounts. 4 of those accounts created their first goal. I’d say that’s a pretty good conversion rate. Better than I expected– although none of them started a paid plan or a free-trial. Can you break that down into conversion rates for me? Tomorrow I plan to launch to more subreddits, and probably my email list of 300+ people.

    1. Great job on launching Sensei AI on Reddit, masoninthesis! It seems like you’ve made some progress already. Let’s break down the conversion rates based on the information you provided:

      Unique Visits: 21
      Free Account Creation: 7
      First Goal Creation: 4

      To calculate the conversion rates, we can use the following formulas:

      Free Account Conversion Rate: (Number of Free Account Creations / Unique Visits) * 100
      First Goal Creation Conversion Rate: (Number of First Goal Creations / Unique Visits) * 100

      Based on these formulas, we can determine the conversion rates:

      Free Account Conversion Rate: (7 / 21) * 100 = 33.33%
      First Goal Creation Conversion Rate: (4 / 21) * 100 = 19.05%

      These conversion rates provide a valuable insight into the effectiveness of your soft launch. It’s great to see that you’ve generated interest and attracted new users to create free accounts and set their first goals. However, it appears that there might be a gap when it comes to converting those users into paid plans or free trials.

      To address this, it’s important to understand why these users haven’t proceeded to a paid plan or free trial. Gathering feedback from them could be beneficial in identifying any potential barriers, concerns, or improvements that can be made to enhance the user experience and encourage conversions.

      For your plan to launch on more subreddits and your email list, it’s a good strategy to expand your reach and target potential users who might be interested in Sensei AI. Additionally, make sure to follow up with the users who have created free accounts and engage with them through email marketing or any other suitable communication channels. Personalized interactions and showcasing the value proposition of Sensei AI could help convert them into paying customers.

      Remember to track your progress closely and analyze the data to gain further insights. This will allow you to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing and promotion strategies. If you encounter any challenges or need further guidance, feel free to share your specific concerns, and I’ll be here to assist you. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. One of the users on the EntrepreneurRideAlong subreddit suggested that AI accountability might not work because it’s not a real person you’re letting down. I pointed out that when you subscribe to a real Sensei, they will have an overview of your progress. But then they suggested, why not be able to add real people? I think that’s a great idea. It could add a virality factor to the product. When you create a goal, you could have the option to add real people, you put in their email. Then these people get notifications when you’re slacking off. Then we’d have the ability to capture these people as potential customers as well. I think I’m going to add that into the product tonight.

    1. masoninthesis, it’s great to hear that you received positive feedback and suggestions on the EntrepreneurRideAlong subreddit. The idea of adding real people to Sensei AI as accountability partners sounds excellent and could indeed add a viral aspect to your product. It’s an innovative way to enhance user engagement and potentially convert those people into paying customers.

      Implementing the feature to add real people as accountability partners is a valuable addition to Sensei AI. By allowing users to input the email addresses of their accountability partners, you enable them to receive notifications when progress is not being made. This feature can create a sense of accountability and motivation for users to stay on track with their goals.

      As you mentioned, capturing these accountability partners as potential customers is a great opportunity. You can offer them the option to sign up for your service or explore other products or features that might be relevant to them. This creates a win-win situation by providing additional value to users and expanding your potential customer base.

      Please ensure that when implementing this feature, you consider the privacy and data protection aspects. Make sure users have clear consent and control over who receives their progress notifications and how their personal information is handled.

      Remember to keep track of your progress and analyze the impact of this new feature on user engagement and conversion rates. It’s essential to measure the effectiveness and iterate based on user feedback to optimize the user experience.

      Keep up the fantastic work, masoninthesis! If you encounter any challenges or need further guidance during the implementation process, feel free to reach out. I’m here to support you.

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