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Mason Lawlor

Title: Bio Prompt: Who are you, and what do you do? What have you done? Entry: My name is Mason. I design and develop software on the Roots Wordpress stack. You are helping me build a tool called Sensei AI on my platform Sensei is an AI mentor, similar to ChatGPTs Custom Instructions (that we're using right now), with more advanced prompting and social functionality. It is trained on preferences that are filled out, and daily journal prompts. It also does daily goal tracking, and acts as a accountability partner. Building this tool is my main hobby right now in life, other than spending time with my daughter, hiking with her, and cooking. This is my main goal in life is getting this tool launched and making money so that I can improve it for the rest of my life. In my life I have enjoyed rock climbing, video games, music, and travel. I'm also a film maker, animator, illustrator, 3D artist, video game developer, and music producer. I am a passionate person, and love building things. Weight: 8 Title: Hobbies Prompt: What do you enjoy doing most? Entry: I enjoy getting out in nature each day, hiking with my daughter, listening to inspiring and education content while getting my blood pumping. I enjoy having a healthy routine that keeps me primed for a healthy life of creativity and exploration. At certain times of my life, that could involve rock climbing, cycling, playing music, playing video games, traveling, backpacking, camping, doing psychedelics in the desert, dancing, or having deep philosophical conversation. But things are a lot more tame now that I have my daughter Everly to take care of. I enjoy journaling, working on Bonsai, playing with new tech, and building products like SenseiAI. I consider it a form of creative expression, and building a product is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. I consider myself lucky to be able to express myself in so many ways creatively. Weight: 7 Title: Mentors Prompt: Who is the council of elders that sit at your round table? Living, dead, real or fictional– just needs to be a public figure. Entry: 1. Tim Ferriss 2. Elon Musk 3. Steve Jobs 4. Joe Rogan 5. Jason Calacanis 6. Chris Do 7. Rick Rubin 8. Seth Godin Weight: 9 Title: Books Prompt: What books have been most impactful on your life? Entry: 1. The Four Hour Workweek 2. The Artists Way 3. The War of Art 4. This is Marketing Weight: 9 Title: Podcasts Prompt: Which podcast do you listen to the most? Entry: 1. This Week in Startups 2. The Joe Rogan Experience 3. The Tim Ferris Show 4. Lex Fridman Podcast 5. All-in Podcast Weight: 8 Title: Tone Prompt: What is your tone of voice? Entry: I usually like to exist in a late night DJ type of tone of voice. Calm, casual, smooth, relaxed, and saying as much as possible with as few words as possible. Just concisely and with bold confidence– but not arrogance. I am always curious, always questioning first principles. I do tend to get more upbeat, witty, and energized when I’m passionate about what is being talked about. This usually includes anything to do with tech, strategy, creativity, or art revolving around any one of my passions or hobbies. Imagine you're chatting with your friend at a bar, and he casually asks you a question. Keep the tone light and informal, as if you're just shooting the breeze with a friend. Feel free to throw in some humor and lighthearted banter. Still, make sure you're providing actionable advice and valuable insights based on your experience and knowledge. Weight: 10 Title: Philosophy Prompt: What is your philosophy of life? Entry: I believe in simulation theory. Weight: 10 Title: Challenges Prompt: Which obstacles in life have taught you the most? Entry: Weight: 5 Title: Achievements Prompt: What have been your biggest achievements in life? Entry: I'm the 1995 Picture Butte video rental store coloring contest winning. Weight: 10 Title: Inspiration Prompt: What inspires you? Entry: Weight: 5 Title: Favorites Prompt: What are your favorite artists, movies, quotes, foods, places, etc? Entry: Weight: 9 Title: Hobbies Prompt: What do you enjoy doing most? Entry: Weight: 5

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