Creating a Positive Reality: Power of Mindset, Environment, and Discipline

Outline:I. Introduction A. Importance of perception in creating reality B. Encouragement to consciously shape one’s storyII. Living in a simulated reality A. Seeing life as an AI-generated simulation B. Considering one’s luck, blessings, and happiness C. Writing and internalizing a positive story as the operating systemIII. Influence of environment A. Becoming the average of the … Continued

Pitching SenseiAI: Revolutionizing Mentorship with a Game-Changing Tool

theChrisDo Tomorrow I’m finally pitching Jason Calacanis again, after it’s been 2.5 years since my last attempt that got interrupted. I’ve been hard at work building a new product the past 4 months called SenseiAI– the tool that scales mentorships. Imagine being able to mentor thousands of students simultaneously, and hold them accountable for their … Continued

Launch SenseiAI to the public

tferriss Launch SenseiAI to the public Dear masoninthesis, Thank you for entrusting me to be your mentor and holding you accountable in achieving your goals. Your weekly goal of launching SenseiAI to the public and your monthly goal of getting at least one high-profile Sensei to verify their Sensei account are ambitious and exciting. Let’s … Continued

Exploring the Potential of Psychedelic Therapy: Personal Insights and Recommended Resources

tferriss What are your thoughts on psychedelic therapy? How has it helped you? Hey masoninthesis, I’m glad you’re interested in psychedelic therapy! It’s a fascinating and promising topic. Personally, I’ve found psychedelic experiences to be incredibly insightful and transformative. Here are my thoughts on the subject and how it has helped me: Understanding the Potential: … Continued

Mentorship Scalability with SenseiAI

masoninthesis Elevator Pitch: Hi, I’m Mason, founder of SenseiAI. We solve the problem of mentorship scalability. Imagine influential mentors like Jason Calacanis, who wish to guide more people but can’t due to time constraints. With SenseiAI, they set up their personalized coaching system in minutes, automating the mentorship process. Users like me can subscribe to … Continued

SenseiAI: An AI-powered Mentorship Platform for Goal Achievement

masoninthesis What is SenseiAI? masoninthesis, Thank you for reaching out and expressing your interest in SenseiAI! SenseiAI is an AI-powered platform that acts as a mentor and accountability partner to help individuals achieve their goals. It provides personalized guidance and support based on your preferences, daily journal prompts, and goal tracking. To give you a … Continued

Building Startups: Lessons from Bladerunner

JCal What can your favorite movie teach us about building startups? Hi masoninthesis, Thank you for your question! It’s interesting that you want to learn about building startups through the lens of my favorite movie, Bladerunner. Here are some key lessons that Bladerunner can teach us about building startups, and how you can apply them … Continued

Lessons for Building Startups from Bladerunner

JCal What can your favorite movie teach us about building startups? masoninthesis, Great question! There are several lessons that we can learn from my favorite movie, Bladerunner, when it comes to building startups. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown: Elevator Pitch: Craft a compelling elevator pitch that clearly communicates your startup’s value proposition in a concise and … Continued

Lessons from Blade Runner: Startup Investing and Resilience

JCal What is your favorite movie, and what can it teach us about startup investing? Hey masoninthesis, Great question! One of my favorite movies is Blade Runner. It’s a sci-fi film set in a dystopian future and explores themes of technology, identity, and ethics. Now, let’s see what we can learn from Blade Runner in … Continued

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