Preparing for Alpha Launch Pt I (Day 79)

Last episode we went over how to do user testing for our upcoming alpha launch of v.0.0.10. I haven’t set a hard date, because it’s going to be a very soft launch. I will probably release it the first week of February, but I’m willing to delay if needed. This will be an ongoing series until we launch the Alpha.

The current plan is to launch the Alpha in February, Pre-Beta in March, and Beta in April.

I’ve been working on this project full-time since April of 2020. So why launch now?

The grant from Unlock Protocol was a sign that it’s time. Most of the work is already complete, so we just have to ship it. Many “nice-to-have” features will be added in the coming months and hopefully years. But for now let’s just ship the damn thing already!

There’s something to be said about restricting or limiting access, as a way to attract customers. FOMO.

I plan to only release a limited amount of new accounts throughout the year. I want to start small, so that I don’t have to focus on scaling before I’ve nailed down the system. Since Bonsai is only one full-time employee at the moment, this gives us a low overhead. Which buys us time, we don’t have to rush into scaling anytime soon. In fact, we don’t ever have to rush into scaling. Which is pretty powerful. I feel like that’s probably where most products go wrong.

Here are the tasks completed since last stream:

  • Shortened width on Login Modal
  • Dark/light mode SVGs
  • Load Speed Optimization
    • Removed Youtube videos from excerpts
    • Lazy load Wistia video
    • Downloaded and hosted Owl3Ds icon
  • Removed option button in community modal
  • Added Discord URL
  • On signup completion, linked to login modal
  • Updated FAQ
  • Updated Contact Us
  • Made TV page a category loop
  • Enabled courses modal windows

I forgot to commit my work to Github from earlier today, so I’m just going to skip working on the Course Modals today. Here’s what’s on hold currently:

  • Customize/Design Course Modals (forgot to commit)
  • Dashboard/Login Modal (need to submit Github pull request to Unlock Protocol)
  • User Testing (I need to re-test everything again once I’m done resolving issues)


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