Preparing for Alpha Launch Pt II (Day 80)

This episode we’re trying to close all of the issues before the alpha launch. The list is getting smaller. I don’t think we’ll finish on this episode, but we might be able to get pretty close.

I was hoping to make this episode about contributing to the Unlock Protocol WordPress plugin– but I’ve run into a strange bug when committing my pull request on Github. There is a tool called Husky that is trying to lint the project with PHPCS (php code snippet) when I commit. I want to resolve this issue before I do a stream on it.

Today we’re going to start with setting up a SMTP plugin called Post SMTP, and we’re going to connect it to Sendgrid. The only thing I plan to use this for at the moment, is password resets. Although we can use it for more, if need be.

Other issues:

  • Setup our welcome emails
  • Test activation links when user’s are registered
  • Update course curriculum
  • Lock some of the content using Unlock Protocol

I think that’s about all we’ll have time for today. But that should get us to the testing stage of things.


How to setup Sendgrid and Post SMTP:

Unlock Protocol: