We got the grant from Unlock Protocol! (Day 78)

I’m stoked to announce that we received a grant from Unlock Protocol!

A crypto grant to be exact, this is new! How it works, is that Unlock Protocol has their own cryptocurrency called UDT. The grant is deposited once per month over 12 months. Once we have shipped the product integrated with Unlock, we will have access to the funds. I contacted them to ask for the definition of shipped. This was their reply:

“Integrate Unlock into what you’re doing in some way, then document it, write about how you did it, create a 2 min video we can share, and answer a few questions about it.”

I’ve basically done all of that and more. I just need to polish a few things. I’m not going to try to absolutely perfect it, but since this will be our first Alpha launch, it is important to me that things run smoothly. Which means I’m going to be doing a lot of testing. I’ll probably create dozens of new accounts for testing. The goal is to smooth out each step in the sign up process, then focus testing on using the product itself.

I am tempted to rebuild the entire project from scratch right now, so that it’s the cleanest possible version of the product to date. But that is the exact kind of thing that tends to get me in trouble. Focus on good enough, get the project up and running, get paid, then focus on perfecting it from there. I want upgrade the roots stack- Trellis, Sage (maybe even explore Tailwind), and Bedrock. Clean the database. But instead, I’m going to get Bonsai shipped, then rebuild it from scratch later. Famous last words, right?

Today I’m going to focus on user testing. Starting with the signup flow. From there, we’re going to take notes with Notion and Trello. This is how we keep track of projects and do project management. This is the workflow.

If we have extra time, I might start some of the work. But I’ll probably save most of it for later.


Unlock Protocol: https://unlock-protocol.com/

Unlock Protocol Grant Program: https://docs.unlock-protocol.com/governance/grants-bounties-and-matchings

Bonsai.so: https://bonsai.so/

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