2021 Review + Building Patreon for Web3 (Day 74)

The fact that I’m itching just start working makes me want to take a pause. Because that’s what I would have done last year. I love working. I can just jump right in. But last year, I’m not sure that I really took the time to set any meaningful goals other than to just do the work. Which I think is a great goal within itself– but this year I have a family to take care of. I don’t have the free-time that I used to indulge in every day. I’ve got to be more effective with my time.

The Bonsai Challenge Template

Tim Ferriss’s Blog: Forget New Year’s Resolutions and Conducting a ‘Past Year Review’ Instead

Topics covered:

  • 2021 Goals (or lack thereof)
  • Quick overview of workbook (plus things I would change for 2022)
  • 2021 Review:
    • Importance of tracking and measuring
    • How I measure: Overview of Bonsai Challenge
  • 2022 Goals with Bonsai:
    • I want Bonsai to be something unique
    • Web3 Grant or Investment – Pitch deck
    • Education: Add at least one trainee or employee that makes money developing with Bonsai
    • Customers: Add at least 10 Bonsai customers (quality over quantity)
    • Go narrow, not wide. Focus on nailing one small set of features, rather than building a highly versatile product (i.e. Patreon vs. Kajabi)
  • Bonsai To-Do List Today:
    • Get rid of classrooms
    • Login Modal
    • Categories:
      • Courses
        • Bonsai Speed Run
        • Bonsai Masterclass
      • Posts
      • Streams
    • Cancellation page
    • Different tiered pages for each community?
    • Bonsai Page and modal redesign

Notes from competitor pricing:

  • Patreon: Only one membership tier in the basic version
  • Patreon: Physical products in top tier
  • Kajabi: Flat price, no transaction fee
  • Chat support & Premium support
  • Kajabi: Remove kajabi branding with top 2 tiers
  • Kajabi: Kajabi University

How to do a Past Year Review (PYR):

  1. Grab a notepad and create two columns: POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.
  2. Go through your calendar from the last year, looking at every week.
  3. For each week, jot down on the pad any people or activities or commitments that triggered peak positive or negative emotions for that month. Put them in their respective columns.
  4. Once you’ve gone through the past year, look at your notepad list and ask, “What 20% of each column produced the most reliable or powerful peaks?”
  5. Based on the answers, take your “positive” leaders and schedule more of them in the new year. Get them on the calendar now! Book things with friends and prepay for activities/events/commitments that you know work. It’s not real until it’s in the calendar. That’s step one. Step two is to take your “negative” leaders, put “NOT-TO-DO LIST” at the top, and put them somewhere you can see them each morning for the first few weeks of 2022. These are the people and things you know make you miserable, so don’t put them on your calendar out of obligation, guilt, FOMO, or other nonsense.

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