Update: Bonsai.so v.0.10 – Patreon for Web3 (Day 73)

Script for live stream day 72:

  • The MVP v.0.8 – Education in the Metaverse
    • Getting opportunity to pitch JCal.
    • Elon musk cutting off my pitch.
    • Play video, scrub through some parts maybe (rehearse this before streaming)
    • Getting ghosted.
  • The baby
    • Maybe a couple pictures or videos from IG + FB?
  • The MVP v0.10 – Patreon for Web3
    • Simplifying the product, letting the money steer the ship to find the core of the product– membership sites
    • DAOs and NFTs – Simplify to just NFTs for now, DAOs later on
    • Grants and Bounties
    • Finding Unlock Protocol
      • Unlock Protocol Demo
      • Bonsai v.0.10 Demo
        • Bonsai started as a dream of me wanting to create a SaaS tool by running one command in my terminal
        • Version 10 is heavily inspired by Patreon
        • Unlock Protocol
        • Analogy: Think of keycards, but with artwork on them. The artwork is kind of arbitrary, but could be really cool.
        • Trello Board
          • Front-end editing
          • Open-Source on WordPress

As much as I’d like to have the Pitch Deck all completed in time for applying, I’m on a tight deadline. And last time I decided to write it all out, it took me days, and didn’t get me anywhere (other than showing I’m fairly organized).