Getting Started with Unlock Protocol Integration (Day 76)

Today we are going to hopefully integrate Unlock Protocol with Bonsai. Usually I spend quite a bit of time planning out my streams.

Today is going to be a little different, because I want to come into it with as little as planning as possible. I want to test what the points of friction would be for someone brand new to working in Web3 and NFTs with Unlock. I might end up regretting winging it, but I also might learn some interesting things. One thing worth noting is that for now, I’m just going to use the WordPress plugin for Unlock Protocol. I may decide to hard code it into the project later, but for now this seems like the best option. It will be quicker and easier for everyone. I will be using Composer, which is a dependency manager for PHP.

I will show a quick rundown of how to use it. With Bonsai, you can’t add WordPress plugins the traditional way. Composer is much more reliable. Once the Unlock plugin is installed, then we will dive into implementation, and testing.


Unlock Protocol:

Unlock Protocol WordPress Plugin:…