The Loop and Progress Update (Day 75)

Yesterday’s stream was kind of a flop. My macbook was having some power issues, so it kept shutting down. It was a success, in that it got me closer to getting back into flow state while streaming. Which can be surprisingly difficult when you’re a bit rusty.

Today I’m going to keep it shorter and simpler.

  • Progress since yesterday:
    • Got rid of classrooms
    • Login Modal: Role based options
    • Freemium content
    • Added cancellation page
    • Adjust pricing boxes and tiers
    • Redesigned community dashboard/modal
    • Added the community dashboard component to the Bonsai Page
  • Now I am setting up The Loop
    • What is The Loop?
    • How to use The Loop with Sage Directives
    • How to customize The Loop
    • How to add new posts to The Loop
    • Play around with parent and child categories in The Loop