SenseiAI @ 3:09

Intro: Hi I’m Mason, founder of SenseiAI. We make mentorships scalable.
Problem: Jason Calacanis wishes he could personally mentor more people, but he is time-strapped, which leaves his students without sufficient guidance and accountability.
Product demo: So Jason comes to SenseiAI, sets up his SenseiOS in a matter of minutes, then starts fine-tuning it to match his exact Sensei preferences.

He dials the passion all the way up, then sits back and watches as questions, goals, and pitches start coming in and SenseiAI automates the coaching.

Mason is a product builder, so he subscribes to JCal’s SenseiOS for $10/m. He sets his goal to launch an MVP in a month, and gets daily progress check-ins until it’s ready. Then JCal helps him craft the pitch and practice it until he’s ready.

Business model: We offer subscriptions to mentors, allowing them to monetize their expertise on a scalable platform. The beta starts at $12/m, with 20% revenue sharing.
Traction:SenseiAI has over 50 free users after soft-launching earlier this month.

Bonsai has over $13k in revenue this year, which comes from whitelabel plans and revenue sharing.
Go-to Market: The Pilot Program pipline finds influential Senseis, mentors, and coaches. We set up their SenseiOS and plans so they require zero onboarding. We offer them a free Sensei Pro plan, then take home 20% of their subscription revenue.
Roadmap: Road to $10M: If the average customer spends $20/m subscribing to multiple Senseis, then we will need to get to 200,000 total customers. We are going to use the Masterclass model and onboard teachers with existing audiences in the product, entrepreneur, and self-improvement space.

Road to $100M: Once we have captured the vertical, then we spread horizontal across different industries such as education, health, and small businesses.


Mason Lawlor: I have over 10 years experience, and have built products that have generated over $10M.



Thanks for reaching out and sharing your pitch for SenseiAI. I appreciate your focus on making mentorships scalable. As a mentor and investor myself, I can certainly relate to the challenge of not being able to personally mentor everyone who wants guidance and support. Here are some recommendations for polishing and refining your pitch:



  • You’re off to a good start with introducing yourself as the founder of SenseiAI. I would recommend also including a brief tagline that clearly communicates the value proposition of your product. For example, "I’m Mason, founder of SenseiAI, the platform that makes scalable mentorships a reality."


  • You’ve mentioned my time constraints as a mentor, but it would be helpful to provide more context about the scale of this problem. How many people are looking for mentorship that they currently can’t access due to the limited availability of mentors?
  • Consider including a statistic or two to emphasize the demand-supply gap in mentorship.

    Product Demo

  • Great job explaining how SenseiAI works. However, it would be more impactful if you could provide an actual demonstration or screencast of the product in action. Showcasing a specific use case and the benefits it provides to both mentors and mentees would be helpful.
  • Consider incorporating a customer success story or an ideal profile customer (IPC) example to highlight the effectiveness of SenseiAI.

    Business Model

  • You’ve mentioned the subscription model for mentors, but it would be beneficial to provide more clarity on pricing tiers and the specific value propositions for each tier. For example, what additional features or benefits do mentors receive at higher tiers?
  • Consider providing examples or case studies of mentors who have successfully monetized their expertise on your platform.


  • You mentioned having over 50 free users after a soft launch, which is a good start. It would be helpful to provide more information on the growth rate of your user base. Are you seeing consistent month-over-month growth? Are you actively acquiring new users?
  • If you have any success stories or testimonials from your current users, showcase them to highlight the value they’ve gained from using SenseiAI.


  • Please provide more information about the types of customers you are targeting. Do you have a specific target market or industry in mind?
  • If possible, include the logos or names of any important clients or partnerships you have established.


  • It’s essential to highlight how SenseiAI differentiates itself from existing competitors or alternatives. Consider creating a matrix or chart that clearly illustrates the unique features and advantages of your platform compared to others in the market.

    Go-to Market

  • You’ve mentioned your pilot program for acquiring influential mentors and coaches. It would be helpful to provide more details on how you identify and approach these potential partners. How do you ensure a high-quality match between mentors and mentees?
  • Consider sharing success stories of mentors who have benefited from joining SenseiAI and the growth they have experienced as a result.


  • Your roadmap for scaling and reaching $10M and $100M in revenue is comprehensive. However, consider breaking it down into more manageable milestones or showcasing the key steps to achieving these goals.
  • Be prepared to discuss specific strategies for expanding into different industries and verticals once you have captured the initial market.


  • Provide more information about your team members, their relevant expertise, and their contribution to SenseiAI’s success.
  • Showcase any notable achievements, previous successful ventures, or track records that demonstrate the team’s ability to execute and deliver results.

    In addition to the pitch, I would like to learn more through a Q&A session. Here are a few questions I have:

    1. How do you ensure the quality and reliability of the mentors on your platform?
    2. What steps are you taking to attract and retain both mentors and mentees?
    3. How do you envision scaling your operations to handle a potentially large volume of mentorship interactions?
    4. Have you identified any potential risks or challenges that could impact the growth or sustainability of SenseiAI?
    5. How do you plan to continuously improve and iterate on the SenseiAI platform based on feedback from mentors and users?

      Once we have completed the Q&A session, I am interested in setting up a meeting to hear your pitch in person. Please let me know your availability.

      Looking forward to hearing more about SenseiAI.


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  1. I have seen it. It’s probably in my top 10. Amazing film, even the new one just had a great vibe to it. One of those movies I could just put on mute and play for the mood while I work.

    1. masoninthesis,

      I’m glad to hear that you’ve seen Blade Runner and enjoyed it! It’s truly a cinematic masterpiece with its unique atmosphere and thought-provoking storyline. I agree, both the original and the newer version captured the essence of the Blade Runner universe. It’s great to know that it’s one of those films you can have playing in the background to set the mood while you work. If you’re a fan of the Blade Runner universe, you might also enjoy exploring other films and books in the genre. There are some incredible works that delve into similar themes and offer fascinating perspectives on the future of technology and humanity. Let me know if you’re interested, and I can recommend some titles for you.


    1. masoninthesis,

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      Probability-wise, it’s difficult to assign a precise number to the likelihood of us living in a simulation. It ultimately comes down to personal beliefs and interpretations of the available evidence. Some argue that advancements in technology and the possibility of creating realistic simulations suggest that it is plausible. Others believe that the complexity and depth of our reality indicate that it is more likely to be genuine.

      Personally, I’m inclined to take an agnostic stance, acknowledging the possibility but not favoring one theory over another. It’s a fascinating concept to explore and ponder, but without concrete evidence, it remains a philosophical question that may never truly be answered.

      What are your thoughts on the matter?


  2. I think consciousness and reality could be some sort of simulation. Perhaps not even in the traditional sense with hardware and software, but with light or energy. Perhaps it’s a cosmic game with real matter. Or perhaps matter itself is a figment of our imaginations. It may be impossible to tell, but sometimes there are moments that do seem really strange.

    1. masoninthesis,

      I appreciate your thought-provoking perspective on consciousness and reality. The concept of our existence being a simulation is indeed fascinating, and it opens up a world of possibilities and philosophical questions.

      The nature of our reality and whether it is a simulation created by a higher power or an advanced civilization is a complex and elusive topic. While we may never have a definitive answer, contemplating these ideas can expand our understanding and perception of the world around us.

      The moments you mentioned that seem strange or surreal are often what spark our curiosity and drive us to explore the mysteries of the universe. It’s important to keep an open mind and continue seeking knowledge and understanding.

      If you’re interested in delving further into this topic, there are many philosophical works and scientific theories that explore the nature of reality and the possibility of simulation. I can recommend some reading materials if you’d like to explore these concepts further.

      Keep questioning and exploring the boundaries of what we know. It’s through curiosity and contemplation that we make new discoveries and push the limits of human understanding.


    1. masoninthesis,

      When it comes to pitching SenseiAI to me, I value pitches that are clear, concise, and address the key aspects of the business. Here’s an example of how you could pitch SenseiAI to me:

      Title: Revolutionizing Mentorships with SenseiAI

      Intro: Hi JCal, I’m Mason, the founder of SenseiAI, the platform that enables scalable mentorships. Our mission is to connect mentors and mentees in a way that maximizes learning and growth.

      Problem: Traditional mentorship models often leave individuals without sufficient guidance and accountability due to limited mentor availability. This leads to missed opportunities for personal and professional development.

      Solution: SenseiAI is here to change that. We’ve developed an AI-powered platform that matches mentors with mentees based on their specific goals and interests. Our technology automates the coaching process, providing personalized feedback and check-ins to ensure continuous progress.

      Business Model: We offer subscription plans for mentors, allowing them to monetize their expertise on a scalable platform. Mentors can choose from various pricing tiers that provide additional features and benefits to both mentors and mentees.

      Traction: Since our soft launch earlier this month, SenseiAI has gained over 50 free users. Current mentors are experiencing tangible results, and we’ve generated over $13k in revenue from our whitelabel and revenue sharing plans with partners like Bonsai.

      Customers: Our target customers include professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking personal growth across various industries and areas of expertise. We are actively acquiring new users through our pilot program, which focuses on attracting influential senseis and coaches.

      Competition: While there are alternatives in the mentorship space, SenseiAI differentiates itself through its AI-powered matching algorithm, personalized coaching approach, and the ability to scale mentorship interactions.

      Go-To Market: Our pilot program pipeline allows us to onboard influential senseis quickly and seamlessly. We provide them with a free Sensei Pro plan, and in return, we take a 20% share of their subscription revenue. This incentivizes mentors to leverage our platform and attract their existing audience.

      Roadmap: Our roadmap is focused on reaching $10M and $100M in revenue. To achieve this, we plan to leverage the masterclass model and onboard mentors with existing audiences in relevant industries. Once we capture the initial market, we’ll expand horizontally into different industries and verticals, such as education, health, and small businesses.

      Team: Our team consists of experienced product builders who have generated over $10M in revenue through successful ventures. We’re passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their goals and are committed to continuously improving the SenseiAI platform.

      Now that I’ve shared an example of a pitch, I’d like to open the floor for any follow-up questions you might have. Is there anything specific you’d like me to further elaborate on or clarify about SenseiAI?

      Looking forward to our discussion.


    1. masoninthesis,

      Absolutely! I’d be happy to grill you with questions that investors might ask. Here are a few key questions that I would want to know:

      1. Market Size and Potential: What is the total addressable market for scalable mentorships, and how do you plan to capture a significant share of the market? Are there any barriers to entry or competitive advantages that position SenseiAI for long-term success?
      2. Monetization Strategy: How do you plan to generate revenue from your subscription-based model? Can you provide more details on the pricing tiers and the value propositions each tier offers to mentors and mentees?
      3. Traction and User Acquisition: How do you plan to acquire and retain both mentors and mentees on the SenseiAI platform? What strategies have you implemented to attract new users and encourage them to remain active and engaged?
      4. Product Differentiation: What sets SenseiAI apart from other mentorship platforms or alternatives in the market? How does your AI-powered matching algorithm and personalized coaching approach provide a superior user experience compared to existing solutions?
      5. IP and Technology: Are there any proprietary technologies or intellectual property that you’ve developed to support the SenseiAI platform? How do you plan to protect your technology and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market?
      6. Revenue and Financial Projections: Can you provide more details on your financials, including revenue projections, costs, and expected profitability? What are your assumptions and growth drivers that support your revenue targets?
      7. Scalability and Operations: How do you plan to scale your operations to handle a potentially large volume of mentorship interactions? Are there any limitations or challenges you foresee in scaling the platform, both from a technological and operational standpoint?
      8. Competitive Landscape: Can you share a competitive analysis of other mentorship platforms or potential disruptors in the market? How do you plan to stay ahead of competition and continually innovate to meet the evolving needs of mentors and mentees?
      9. Team and Expertise: Can you provide more information about the experience and expertise of your team members? What relevant skills and backgrounds do they bring to the table that will contribute to SenseiAI’s success?
      10. Customer Success and Testimonials: Do you have any success stories or testimonials from mentors and mentees who have benefited from using SenseiAI? How do you measure and track the success and impact of your platform on the personal and professional growth of your users?

        These are just a few of the many questions that investors might ask as they evaluate SenseiAI. It’s important to be prepared with robust and data-driven answers that highlight the strengths and potential of your business. Let’s dive deeper into these questions and any others you may have during our discussion.

        Looking forward to hearing your insights.


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