Day 71: Polishing Up v0.0.8 Part I – Single Page App

I’m getting ready to roll out version 0.0.8 of Bonsai. It’s a laundry list of things to get it up and running as a fully functional prototype. Yesterday we made compatible with Bonsai’s dark mode settings.

This new version of Bonsai represents a big step. I think the biggest upgrade is that Bonsai now serves different content to different users based on their role (or roles). This moves it in the direction of a Single Page App (like most of the popular apps). This also allows me to get rid of the Sensei LMS plugin. Which makes a lot of sense to me because the less WordPress plugins, the better. This gets rid of 3 plugins.

To replace the LMS functionality, we will need to add one plugin called Members by Memberpress. It’s lightweight, and it gives you a ton of customization– but the main feature I’m interested in is the fact you can assign multiple roles to a single user. This replaces the need for an LMS. It also gives us the ability to provide a marketplace of different memberships and products with special permissions.

This is huge in my opinion. Excited to trest it out. Imagine Masterclass, but you could get a membership based on a single topic, say Film Making. Then you get one on Music Production. And it’s 80% cheaper than the buffet membership. It’s just an idea I want to play with.

Then we get the forms up and running, so that these memberships are properly assigned upon payment. I’ll test it without payment first, add the Stripe field last.

This might be a long one. If I can’t get all this done on this stream, I’ll be splitting it into parts.