Deploy Staging Environment

03: Deploy Staging Site

  • Commit and Publish to Github
  • Check DNS Propagation
  • Run Staging shell script


Commit and Publish to Github

Your staging site is going to deploy based on your Github, so it’s time to update your repository to reflect any configuration changes we’ve made.

  • Open Github Desktop App
  • Name and note your commit
  • Publish to repository


Check DNS Propagation

If you plan to have your staging site on one of your domain names, you will have need to already setup the DNS configuration during the Quick Setup portion.

DNS configuration can take up to 72 hours sometimes.

You can check if your staging DNS is propagated yet by checking here:


Run Staging Shell Script

  • Run: cd ~/sites/bonsai/site/scripts && ./
If you have any permission errors running the script, you need to give your scripts permission. Run: cd ~/sites/Bonsai/site/scripts && chmod -R 777




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