Create Local Environment

02: Create Local Environment

  • Set Permissions
  • Deploy local environment

Set Permissions

Before you run the scripts, you have to give your computer permission to run them.

  • Run: cd ~/sites/Bonsai/site/scripts && chmod -R 777

Deploy Local Environment

Now we can create a local environment for our website by running one single shell script.

  • Run: cd ~/sites/Bonsai/site/scripts && ./

Here is what this shell script will do:

  • Clean the database
  • Install composer dependencies
  • Vagrant Up your Virtualbox Machine
  • Install WordPress Core
  • Activate Bonsai Theme
  • Activate all plugins
  • Delete sample post
  • Create Pages (Home, Docs, Podcast)
  • Create ReadMe post
  • Configure WordPress Settings and Info
  • Install Gravity Form Plugins
  • Create Bonsai Signup Form
  • Create Question Form



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