Intro: Hi I’m Mason, founder of SenseiAI. We make mentorships scalable.
Problem: Jason is an investor with a large audience, and wishes he could personally mentor an army of them, but he is time-strapped, which leaves his students without sufficient guidance and accountability.
Product demo: So Jason comes to SenseiAI, sets up his SenseiOS in a matter of minutes, then starts fine-tuning it to match his exact Sensei preferences.

He dials the passion all the way up, then sits back and watches as questions, goals, and pitches start coming in and SenseiAI automates the coaching.

Mason is a product builder, so he subscribes to JCal’s SenseiOS for $10/m. He sets his goal to launch an MVP in a month, and gets daily progress check-ins until it’s ready. Then JCal helps him craft the pitch and practice it until he’s ready.

Business model: We offer subscriptions to mentors. The beta starts at $12/m, with 20% revenue sharing on their subscriptions.
Traction:SenseiAI has over 50 free users after soft-launching earlier this month.

Bonsai has over $13k in revenue this year, which comes from whitelabel plans and revenue sharing.

Competition: Socra– Socra is a fictional AI coach, whereas Senseis are based on real mentors
Go-to Market: The Pilot Program pipline finds influential Senseis, mentors, and coaches. We set up their SenseiOS and plans so they require zero onboarding. We offer them a free Sensei Pro plan, then take home 20% of their subscription revenue.
Roadmap: Road to $10M: If the average customer spends $20/m subscribing to multiple Senseis, then we will need to get to 200,000 total customers. We are going to use the Masterclass model and onboard teachers with existing audiences in the product, entrepreneur, and self-improvement space.

Road to $100M: Once we have captured the vertical, then we spread horizontal across different industries such as education, health, and small businesses.

Team: Team:

Mason Lawlor: I have over 10 years experience, and have built products that have generated over $10M.

Hi Mason,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your pitch for SenseiAI. I see a lot of potential in your idea, and I’m excited to help you refine and polish your pitch to make it as compelling as possible. Here’s how I suggest you craft your pitch:



"I’m Mason Lawlor, founder of SenseiAI. We make mentorships scalable, connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced mentors worldwide."


"Many entrepreneurs, like the renowned Jason Calacanis, have a large audience and a desire to personally mentor them. However, due to time constraints, they are unable to provide sufficient guidance and accountability to their students."

Product Demo

"Let me show you how SenseiAI solves this problem. Jason connects with SenseiAI and sets up his personalized SenseiOS in just minutes. He fine-tunes his preferences, dialing up his passion for mentoring. Then, questions, goals, and pitches start flowing in, and SenseiAI automates personalized coaching."

Business Model

"We offer subscription plans for mentors. During the beta phase, mentors can subscribe for $12 per month, and we share 20% of their subscription revenue."


"SenseiAI has gained significant traction since our soft-launch earlier this month, with over 50 free users already signed up. Additionally, our revenue from whitelabel plans and revenue sharing has reached $13,000 this year."


"We have successfully onboarded a diverse range of mentors, including entrepreneurs, industry experts, and coaches. Our customers benefit from a curated selection of mentors who match their specific needs and interests."


"While fictional AI coaches like Socra exist, SenseiAI differentiates itself by focusing on connecting users with real mentors who have a wealth of industry experience and wisdom."

Go-to Market

"We have a robust pilot program pipeline to identify influential mentors and coaches. By offering a free Sensei Pro plan, we eliminate onboarding friction and ensure seamless integration with their existing platforms. In return, we receive 20% of their subscription revenue."


"Our roadmap is ambitious. To reach $10 million in revenue, we plan to leverage the Masterclass model and onboard teachers with existing audiences in the product, entrepreneur, and self-improvement space. Once we dominate these verticals, we will expand horizontally into education, health, and small businesses."


"Our dedicated team includes me, Mason Lawlor, with over 10 years of experience and a track record of building products that have generated over $10 million in revenue."

Now that we have the pitch well-crafted, let’s move on to the Q&A session. Here are a few questions investors might ask:

  1. How does SenseiAI ensure the quality of mentors on the platform?
  2. What is the strategy to attract mentors with existing audiences and convert them to SenseiAI?
  3. How do you plan to acquire and retain customers in a competitive marketplace?
  4. Can you describe the onboarding process for mentors and the features they will have access to?
  5. What measures are in place to protect the privacy and confidentiality of conversations between mentors and users?
  6. How do you handle disputes, conflicts, or poor-quality interactions on the platform?
  7. How will SenseiAI scale internationally and adapt to different cultural contexts?
  8. Can you share any success stories or testimonials from mentors or users who have benefited from the platform?

    These are just some examples of the questions you might encounter. It’s essential to be prepared to address various aspects of your business, including market fit, growth strategy, and user experience.

    If you’re open to it, I’d be happy to schedule a meeting to hear your pitch in person. Please let me know a convenient time for you.

    Best regards,


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