Intro: Hi I’m Mason, founder of SenseiAI. We make mentorships scalable.
Problem: Jason is an investor with a large audience, and wishes he could personally mentor an army of them, but he is time-strapped, which leaves his students without sufficient guidance and accountability.
Product demo: So Jason comes to SenseiAI, sets up his SenseiOS in a matter of minutes, then starts fine-tuning it to match his exact Sensei preferences.

He dials the passion all the way up, then sits back and watches as questions, goals, and pitches start coming in and SenseiAI automates the coaching.

Mason is a product builder, so he subscribes to JCal’s SenseiOS for $10/m. He sets his goal to launch an MVP in a month, and gets daily progress check-ins until it’s ready. Then JCal helps him craft the pitch and practice it until he’s ready.

Business model: We offer subscriptions to mentors. The beta starts at $12/m, with 20% revenue sharing on their subscriptions.
Traction:During the beta stage, we’ve already onboarded 50 mentors and have seen a steady increase in subscribers. Our success stories include mentees who have launched successful startups, secured funding, and achieved significant milestones. We’re confident in our ability to drive the growth and success of our mentors and mentees.
Go-to Market:

Hi Mason,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your pitch for SenseiAI. As an avid angel investor and expert in the industry, I’m always interested in innovative solutions that can help scale mentorships.

Before we dive into the pitch, I have a few clarifying questions to better understand your product:

  1. How does SenseiAI automate coaching? Can you provide some examples of the types of coaching it offers?
  2. Can you explain the revenue sharing model for mentors? How do you plan to incentivize mentors to join your platform?
  3. Could you share some specific success stories of mentees who have achieved significant milestones through SenseiAI?
  4. Who are your target customers for the subscription service? Are you focusing on specific industries or demographics?

    Now, let’s work on refining and polishing your pitch based on the framework below:


    • Title: SenseiAI – Scaling Mentorships for Success
    • Intro: Hi, I’m Mason, founder of SenseiAI. We’ve built a platform that allows mentors to efficiently scale their guidance and expertise.
    • Problem: Many influential mentors, like Jason Calacanis, have numerous followers and aspiring mentees seeking their guidance. However, due to time constraints, these mentors often struggle to provide sufficient support and accountability.
    • Product: SenseiAI empowers mentors like Jason to personalize their mentorship experience using our cutting-edge SenseiOS technology. By fine-tuning their preferences, mentors can automate coaching, receive questions, set goals, and review pitches from their mentees.
    • Business Model: We offer a subscription-based service to mentors, starting at $12/m during our beta stage. Additionally, mentors receive 20% revenue sharing from their mentees’ subscriptions, aligning their incentives with the success of their mentees.
    • Traction: During our beta stage, we have onboarded 50 mentors, and we have seen a steady increase in subscribers. Some of our mentees have already launched successful startups, secured funding, and achieved significant milestones.
    • Customers: We target mentors from various industries, including technology, entrepreneurship, finance, and more. Our platform is designed to cater to both established mentors and rising stars who want to make a real impact.
    • Competition: While there are other mentorship platforms available, SenseiAI differentiates itself through its advanced SenseiOS technology, which allows for a highly personalized and automated mentoring experience.
    • Go-To Market: Our go-to-market strategy involves targeting influential mentors, like Jason Calacanis, as well as leveraging partnerships with industry leaders and attending relevant events and conferences to expand our network and user base.
    • Roadmap: Our roadmap includes enhancing the SenseiOS technology to allow for even more personalized and effective mentorship experiences. We also plan to expand our offerings to include additional features such as group coaching and specialized mentoring programs.
    • Team: Our team consists of experienced product builders, engineers, and business development professionals who are passionate about bridging the gap between mentors and mentees through technology.


      Now that we have a well-crafted pitch, I’d like to ask you a few more questions to gain a deeper understanding of your business:

  5. How scalable is your platform? Can it handle a large number of simultaneous interactions between mentors and mentees?
  6. What measures do you have in place to maintain the quality and integrity of the mentorship experience?
  7. How do you plan to attract and retain high-profile mentors like Jason Calacanis to your platform?
  8. What marketing strategies do you plan to implement to acquire users and increase subscriptions?
  9. Have you conducted any market research to validate the demand for your platform? How do you plan to expand your user base?

    I hope these questions will help you refine your pitch and gain a clearer vision of the key aspects investors like myself would be interested in. Once we have addressed these questions, I would love to set up a meeting to hear your pitch in person.

    Best regards,

2 responses to “

    1. Hi Mason,

      Absolutely! I’d be happy to help you complete the unfinished sections of your pitch for SenseiAI. Here’s my suggestion for how you can pitch it:

      Title: Scaling Mentorships for the Masses

      Intro: Hi, I’m Mason, founder of SenseiAI – Scaling Mentorships for the Masses. We provide a scalable mentorship platform that allows busy mentors like Jason Calacanis to personally guide and coach their audience, even when time is limited. With SenseiAI, mentoring becomes accessible and effective for aspiring entrepreneurs, ensuring they receive the guidance and accountability they need for success.

      Problem: As an influential investor, Jason faces a challenge: mentoring a large audience while still providing personalized attention. Without sufficient guidance and accountability, aspiring entrepreneurs often struggle to reach their full potential. This is where SenseiAI comes in.

      Product demo: Let me walk you through a real example to illustrate SenseiAI’s power and effectiveness. Meet Mason, a product builder passionate about launching an MVP in a month. He subscribes to Jason’s SenseiOS for $10 per month and sets his goal through SenseiAI’s intuitive interface. From that point on, Mason receives daily progress check-ins, coaching, and personalized guidance from Jason. SenseiAI automates the coaching process, ensuring Mason stays accountable and makes steady progress towards his goal.

      Business model: We offer subscriptions to mentors, starting with a beta at $12 per month. As mentors like Jason grow their subscriber base, they earn 80% of the subscription revenue. This revenue-sharing model incentivizes mentors to actively engage and provide their audience with exceptional value.

      Traction: During the beta stage, we’ve already onboarded 50 mentors and have seen a steady increase in subscribers. Our success stories include mentees who have launched successful startups, secured funding, and achieved significant milestones. We’re confident in our ability to drive the growth and success of our mentors and mentees.

      Customers: Our target customers are aspiring entrepreneurs, early-stage startup founders, and individuals seeking personal and professional growth. Our ideal profile customer (IPC) is someone driven, coachable, and eager to learn from industry experts. We combine personalization and community building to create a rich learning experience for our customers.

      Competition: SenseiAI stands out from competitors by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to automate and personalize mentorship at scale. Our proprietary SenseiOS, combined with the endorsement and expertise of influential mentors like Jason, sets us apart. We offer an incomparable level of guidance, accountability, and real-time feedback to our customers.

      Go-to Market: To acquire and retain customers, we’ll leverage a multi-channel approach. This includes targeted online advertising, partnerships with relevant platforms, and referrals from our existing customer base. We also plan to collaborate with universities and entrepreneurship programs to integrate SenseiAI into their curricula.

      Roadmap: Our roadmap includes expanding our pool of influential mentors, enhancing the SenseiOS user experience, and integrating advanced machine learning capabilities to offer increasingly personalized guidance. Additionally, we’ll focus on expanding into new verticals and geographical markets to reach a wider customer base.

      Team: Our experienced team comprises talented engineers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about democratizing mentorship. We have a proven track record of building successful products and scaling businesses. Our advisors include industry experts and influential figures in the startup ecosystem.

      I hope this helps you complete and refine your pitch. Let me know if you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else.

      Best regards,

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