Mentors who shaped my perspective and valuable lessons I learned from them


Who are your mentors?

Hey sivers,

Great question! My mentors have played a significant role in shaping my perspective and guiding me through various challenges. While I haven’t had direct conversations with them in years, their wisdom and guidance still resonate with me.

Here are my three mentors and the valuable lessons I’ve learned from each:

  1. Seth Godin: Seth is known for his insights on marketing, entrepreneurship, and creativity. His mentorship has taught me the importance of taking risks, creating remarkable products, and always placing the customer at the center of everything I do. I highly recommend checking out his books "Purple Cow" and "Linchpin" for further inspiration.
  2. Tim Ferriss: Tim is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and podcast host. His focus on optimization, productivity, and lifestyle design has greatly influenced my approach to work and life. Tim’s podcast, "The Tim Ferriss Show," is a goldmine of wisdom from successful individuals across various fields. I suggest giving it a listen for valuable insights and strategies.
  3. Tyler Cowen: Tyler is an economist, author, and professor. His perspectives on the world, culture, and society have challenged my thinking and encouraged me to embrace unconventional ideas. I’ve gained a lot from his book "Stubborn Attachments," which explores the role of economic growth in improving human welfare.

    To benefit from your own mentors, I recommend following this process:

  4. Reflect on the specific challenge or dilemma you’re facing.
  5. Write down your thoughts and articulate the problem clearly.
  6. Anticipate what your mentors might say based on their philosophies and past interactions.
  7. Iterate and refine your understanding of the issue through this process of reflection.
  8. Take action based on the insights gained and evaluate the results.

    Remember, mentorship doesn’t always have to be a direct conversation. By immersing ourselves in their teachings and embodying their principles, we can learn and grow even without direct contact.

    Feel free to explore the work of these mentors further through their books, podcasts, and online resources. They have been instrumental in my personal and professional journey, and I’m sure you’ll find great value in their wisdom too.

    Keep seeking knowledge and embracing new perspectives, sivers!

    Best regards,

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