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Setup Sensei LMS

03: Setup Sensei LMS Configure Courses Run: ./sensei.sh Create User Registration Feed Configure Sensei LMS Settings Add Login Button to Header Run Sensei Shell Script ./sensei.sh is a shell script that will do the following: Delete any auto generated courses, modules, or lessons Update Bonsai Form (ID: 1) to have a product selection dropdown, total … Continued

Create a Product

01: Create a Product Research Bonsai Speed Run Solo Sprint Install Hotjar Try to collect 100 visitors Review Hotjar Recordings Decide on Product Buy or Trial Gravity Forms Pricing and Checkout Add pricing.blade.php to home page Run: ./product.sh Activate Gravity Forms Run: ./staging.sh deploy Install and activate Gravity Form Add-ons Sync database from development to … Continued


00: Advanced Configurations (Security and Email) Security SMTP Email Security Configuration Guide SMTP Email Setup Guide


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